About Us

Brick-Run Sports Physical Therapy, PLLC was founded by Dr. Gurjeet Chadha DPT. He has competed in Triathlons and his appreciation for the sport is what inspired the name for the facility.

Dr. Chadha PT is a former Division I tennis player and has also competed in sports such as: Track & Field, Football, Lacrosse, and Basketball.

As a graduate from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1999 with a B.S. in Physical Therapy, Dr. Chadha PT focused his professional development in the field of outpatient orthopaedics. By July 2001, he became the youngest Clinical Director of an outpatient orthopaedic facility for New York Physical Therapy, PLLC. In 2007, he completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Boston University. Dr. Chadha PT has also earned certifications in Vestibular Therapy, Kinesiology Taping, and Functional Movement Screening for injury prevention. Furthermore, he has been quoted in magazines, such as “New York Runners Magazine,” for articles pertaining to sports injury prevention and treatment.

What is “BRICK – RUN”?

“Brick-Run” is a term used to describe the physical challenge an athlete experiences in Triathlon when transitioning from the bike – to – run.

Likewise, in physical therapy, this period of struggle from injury – to – healing symbolizes what the patient endures when recovering from an injury or surgery.

With this in mind, all injured athletes and non-athletes share a common struggle and test of will.o

It’s our job to help you achieve your true rehabilitation potential so you can overcome¬†your¬† “BRICK – RUN!”

Operating Hours and Address

Mon/Wed/Fri:6am to 6pm
Tue/Thur:6am to 8pm
Saturday:9am to 2pm
*Saturday hours only for sept/oct/nov/dec

730 Columbus Avenue
New York, New York 10025
(b/w 96th & 95th Street)

Tel:  (212) 665-5070
Fax: (212) 665-5077


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