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The Alter-G Anti-Gravity Treadmill

This state of the art treadmill can make you float and reduce your body weight by 80%.  It has been demonstrated to be effective for treating runners knee, low back pain, ankle/knee/hip surgeries, spinal surgeries, balance issues, and for pain-free cardiovascular exercise for weight loss. I invite you to stop by for a tour of our new facility at […]

Operating Hours and Address

Mon/Wed/Fri:6am to 6pm
Tue/Thur:6am to 8pm
Saturday:9am to 2pm
*Saturday hours only for sept/oct/nov/dec

730 Columbus Avenue
New York, New York 10025
(b/w 96th & 95th Street)

Tel:  (212) 665-5070
Fax: (212) 665-5077


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