As an extension of our care, we provide specialty services to address specific ares of concern to reduce the risk of potential injury. Some of the Special Programs we offer are:

FMS Screens for Athletic Injury Prevention:

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a test performed to rank and grade movement patterns that are key to normal function. In doing so, we can design a specific training program to prevent non-contact injuries and improve an athletes training program.


FMS is a relatively new technique that is widely used among professional sports teams to prevent injuries. Such teams include:

New York Jets Indianapolis Colt San Fran. 49ers
United States Military Elite Operations

Balance / Fall Prevention:

Hip / Shoulder fractures due to falls are far too common and on the rise. To address this problem, Brick-Run has invested in the BIO-SWAY Machine to help objectively assess your balance and monitor progress through interactive games.

We will be combining this tool with an exercise program specifically designed to address areas of weakness and inefficiencies in movement patterns.

Our goal is to prevent your fall from ever happening!!

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